Mortgage and foreclosure help


The federal government, banks, state governments, and others have committed to providing almost 10 million homeowners with mortgage and foreclosure help. Some examples of the assistance programs being provided to homeowners include:

Many state governments across the nation are offering foreclosure help in the form of moratoriums on foreclosures. In addition, some states also are providing mortgage help by assisting homeowners with refinancing or modifying their mortgage into a more affordable loan. States also are providing mortgage counseling and other free advice. More on state mortgage assistance plans.

Many banks and financial institutions offer mortgage help. JP Morgan, Citigroup, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, and Bank of America/Countrywide have their own foreclosure assistance programs. As just one example, JP Morgan has committed over 70 billion dollars to provide over 400,000 homeowners with mortgage help. More on mortgage and foreclosure help from banks.

In addition, federal government mortgage assistance is available in the form of over $70 billion dollars to help prevent foreclosures from occurring and assistance with modifying mortgages. More.

And if you do not wish to pursue any of these options, there are numerous steps you can take yourself to obtain help with your mortgage and to stop a mortgage foreclosure before it can occur . Continue

While the nation is clearly going through difficult economic times, never in the country’s history has so much help, so many mortgage assistance programs, aid, and other support been assembled by so many different companies, government agencies, and organizations. All of them have one goal in mind. To provide as many homeowners across the country with mortgage and foreclosure help, and to save as many homes as possible.




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